A modified version of the first Leadership Essentials course, to reduce the submission requirements and encourage completion.

“Heroic Leadership” is a resource for anyone who wants to be an avid follower of Christ in these last days. Heroic Leadership will assist you in developing and upgrading the characteristics that are the marks of a heroic leaders:

  • Attitude: “It’s not what we do, but the spirit in which those things are done that makes the greatest impact.”
  • Character formation: “Our gifts will take us only as far as our character will carry us.”
  • Reshaping our thinking: Developing our imagination is the building-block of an ever-increasing faith.”
  • Stewarding and Increasing Gifts: “Gifts are like talents; we all have different amounts, but it’s not how much but rather, what we do with those gifts that makes all the difference in the world.”
  • Increasing our Observations Skills: “Every problem we will ever encounter has already been experienced by someone in the Bible, … and heroic leaders such as David, Abraham, Moses and others leave clues behind for us to follow.”

Each chapter is followed by simple questions. These discussion starters will help you to improve your leadership skills, capacity, and heart. This resource was created to help you to earn a “Leadership Certificate” when you complete this resource.